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14th China (Foshan) Machinery and Equipment Exhibition

Oct 16, 2018

The 14th China (Foshan) Machinery and Equipment Exhibition will be held from October 17th to 20th, 2018 at Shunde International Exhibition Center in Chencun, Shunde.

We will attend to China storage shelf.Pallet rack,storage shelf racking system.

The 14th China (Foshan) Machinery and Equipment Exhibition took root in Foshan, facing equipment manufacturing enterprises, professional markets and clusters in the Pearl River Delta and even in southern China. Foshan, which is known as the “manufacturing city”, is home to local equipment manufacturers, with strong industry and significant market demand, allowing exhibitors and buyers to experience the broad market prospects. The annual Foshan Machinery Exhibition has become a regular meeting of equipment manufacturing buyers. According to statistics, the previous exhibition has accumulated 35,000 professional visitors in 4 days, and 31 visiting procurement groups and group companies have all appeared. This exhibition will continue to fully demonstrate the advanced level of the local equipment manufacturing industry. The upstream and downstream products of the equipment manufacturing industry chain will gather together to create a famous Foshan equipment manufacturing industry.