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Adjustable mold frame advantages

May 10, 2017

The adjustable mold rack system is an effective design that can optimize the use of storage resources and revolutionize material handling, inventory retrieval and inventory control. The following are the same as the "

• Single tray weighs 800 kg

• Adjustable in time - the height of the pallet can be adjusted up and down at any time by 150mm

• Bolt-connected section structure - Easy disassembly, repositioning, reassembly and routine maintenance and repair

• Strict testing and precision design - ensures excellent quality, strength and durability

• Has more than 20 standard sizes - different specifications can meet almost any needs and architectural limitations

• Extensive companion products - can be tailored to any system and continue to introduce new product design to meet your needs

• Achieve high standards in the global industry - Design all rack systems based on the RMI, the European Mechanical Handling Association (FEM) and the International Building Code

Adjustable mold frame assembly.