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Advantages of anti-static shelves

Jul 08, 2017

Anti-static shelves with a unique structure unique, versatile, easy loading and unloading, etc. The advantages of the implementation of electrostatic protection.

 The treasury, the production process of anti-static operation, prevention, elimination of electrostatic hazards, to ensure product quality.

Scope applies to the warehouse,the production process of electrostatic protection device protection.

Storage of physical conditions: Electronic components must be stored in a clean, ventilated, non-corrosive gas warehouse; unless otherwise specified, the warehouse temperature and relative humidity must meet the following requirements: a) storage temperature: room temperature b) humidity : 35% -70%.

Area shelf storage on the static sensitive devices, set up anti-static area storage.

Area shelves and other parts of the shelves separated by anti-static cloth. No other items in the area, including plastic boxes, cartons and other objects.

Protective measures - shelf ground shelf layer and column, between the column and the ground to form a ground conduction, in order to effectively eliminate the static charge has been generated.

Place the circuit board on an antistatic frame and cover it with an anti-static cloth. In addition to the circuit board other SSD devices, to keep the original anti-static packaging intact. Or use anti-static bags, anti-static box and so placed.

Take and place the storage process, with anti-static gloves. The role of anti-static gloves is to prevent our body to produce static electricity to the product discharge, to avoid direct contact with the components on the circuit board to avoid electrostatic breakdown of electronic components. During the transport, you can use anti-static frame, anti-static box for protection.

Welding-electrostatic safety workbench to set the welding area as an electrostatic protection zone, electrostatic safety workstations as the basic composition of anti-static work area, by the table, anti-static table mats, anti-static wrist strap and then the composition of the ground wire. Anti-static work area should be marked with regional boundaries, and a clear warning signs. Anti-static connector to take alligator clip, can be easily caught in the connection to the ground wire, easy to use.