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Angle steel shelf definition, performance and purpose

Feb 18, 2018

1. Dongguan angle steel shelf definition and performance: 

Universal angle steel shelf is a kind of light shelf, made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, stamping forming, easy disassembly, easy to adjust, flexible combination, highly reformable, customer requirements can be placed to increase or decrease the number of laminates to achieve The effect of storage.


2. Dongguan angle steel shelf structure and characteristics:

The utility model is mainly composed of a column and a steel plate, which is suitable for manual access to light goods, can cooperate with a plastic turnover box to store many kinds of small-sized products, and is widely used in the electronics industry and small parts warehouses, and can be prepared by changing spray powder or laying special rubber Board to achieve anti-static function, with low cost, safe, reliable, assembly, demolition of simple features, can be used alone, but also free to spliced into a variety of arrangements. The addition of a gimbal mechanism at the foot can even achieve transhipment functions. Shelf top and bottom laminates and columns with double-angle code and screw connections, the shelf solid. Steel plate by the Japanese standard spcc cold plate bending the required size on both sides, the following welding plus concave ribs in the form of welding using spot welding, this structure has the material saving, bearing a good condition, the surface smooth features.


3. Dongguan angle steel shelf a wide range of uses: 

1) Widely used in enterprise warehouses, supermarkets and public institutions, at the same time, this product reaches the same product level in developed countries.

2) Light shelves can also be anti-static on the laminate shop floor can be made of anti-static shelves, are widely used in electronic business.

3) The light shelves in the same direction can also be bolted together to form the entire shelf

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