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At present, warehousing heavy shelves are increasingly used in automated storage

Oct 26, 2017

At present, warehousing heavy shelves are increasingly used in automated storage

Shelf is an important tool for warehouse modernization and efficiency, and the market demand is getting higher and higher. Warehouse shelves along with the economy

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Leap forward development, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises into China's Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta area, not only led to the local economy

Exhibition, but also bring new management ideas and management techniques, the current storage warehouse more and more use of automated storage storage.

Storage shelves are storage equipment, is based on packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, information management is the logistics of the six basic functions.

With the 2014 storage shelves industry continues to develop, more and more industries and enterprises to use the storage shelves, more and more

Enterprises entered the storage industry. Services in the community friends. While the shelves are one of the main facilities for warehousing, it can be said that the shelves

Is an indispensable part of modern industrial warehouses, logistics centers, distribution centers.

Storage shelves usually have three accessories, columns, beams, laminates. This refers to heavy, medium, light storage shelves, like overweight

Type, attic storage shelves, accessories and more columns and beams.

Light-duty perforated shelves are a highly versatile structural system that can be used in assembling lightweight racks, workbenches, tool carts

, Suspension system, safety nets and support skeleton. Punching angle of the length of steel can be cut fast, with screws any assembly,

Fixed and re-installed, so that it can meet the careful use of the plan, but also to meet the needs of emergency use. Light punching

Shelf is a highly versatile structural system that can be widely used in assembling lightweight racks, workstations, tool carts, suspension systems

Safety, safety nets and support skeleton. The length of the punching angle can be cut quickly according to the scale, with the arbitrary assembly of screws, and both

New installation, so that it can meet the careful use of the plan, but also to meet the needs of emergency use. Horizontal shelf safety side

It is suitable for all kinds of warehouses, direct access to goods. Is the easiest and most widely used shelf. Can make full use of space.

Using a convenient tray access, effective with the forklift loading and unloading, greatly improve operational efficiency. Mechanical equipment requirements: anti-balance

Forklift or stacker. Stacking machine can improve the use of terrestrial space 30%, the operating height of 16 meters; the characteristics of beam-type shelves

: Smooth inventory turnover. Can provide a percentage of the selection of the ability. Increase the average picking rate. Provide high-quality product protection

The Because the beam-type shelves for more varieties, bulk cargo storage, in order to facilitate access, the design of the roadway will be more

, So the ground utilization rate is relatively low.

At present, the market selling a lot of shelves, as industry people, of course, know how to judge the quality of the shelf, but most passengers

Households do not understand the quality of the shelf how to judge, the following to the warehouse shelves in the heavy shelves for example:

1, look at the shelf material. Heavy-duty shelves are basically made of cold-rolled steel production, but really meet the national standard rarely

, Mainly the majority of customers for the price of higher sensitivity. In fact, the simple way is to pre-agreed in accordance with the shelf load

, To do a load-bearing experiment. For example, the prior agreement is the three-tier shelves, each load is 2000kg, and then each first do

Out of the sample, and then to the same place, each layer in accordance with the agreement put 2000kg cargo, put a few days to observe whether the shelf

shape. The final mass production time, according to the sample to accept it.

2, see the shelf structure. Observe the assembly of the sample shelf bending, connecting and other places are uniform, no obvious gap.

3, look at the shelf surface. Observe the assembly of the sample shelf, the surface spray treatment is uniform and have a strong adhesion, observe the whole

Shelves in various places, especially in the hole where there is missing the case of spray.

4, see the shelf welding process. Observe the weld is uniform and full, was the best fish scales, but also need to see if there is leakage welding place. Transport access equipment.