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Basic classification of shelves

Oct 27, 2017

Basic classification of shelves

The basic classification of shelves according to the development of the shelf is divided into:

1 traditional shelves. Including: shelf, layer format shelves, drawer shelves, cabinets shelves, U-shaped, cantilever, grille, saddle, cylinder steel frame, tire shelves and so on. 2) new shelves. Including: rotary shelves, mobile shelves, assembly racks, adjustable shelves, pallet racks, into the car shelves, high-level shelves, attic-style shelves, gravity shelves, such as shelf-shelf.

 2 . According to the applicability of the shelf points: 1) general shelves; 2) special shelves

 3. 2) reinforced concrete shelves: 3) steel and reinforced concrete mixed on the shelves; 4) wooden shelves; 5) steel and wood frame, and so on.

 4. According to the degree of closure of the shelf points: 1) open shelves; 2) semi-enclosed shelves 3) closed shelves and so on.

 5. According to structural features: 1) shelf; 2) layer grid; 3) cabinet; 4) drawer frame; 5) cantilever; 6) tripod; 7) grid frame.

 6. 2) mobile shelves; 3) rotary shelves; 4) combination shelves; 5) adjustable shelves; 6) mobile storage shelves and so on.

 7. According to the structure of the shelf: 1) the overall structure: the shelf directly support the warehouse roof and Wai Peng; 2) split structure: shelves and buildings are divided into two separate systems.

 8 . According to the shelf of the cargo way points: 1) cantilevered shelves; 2) cabinet shelves; 3) shelf shelf.

 9 . According to the structure of the shelf points: 1) combination of removable shelves; 2) fixed shelves. Which is divided into unit-type shelves, general-style shelves, mobile shelves, - through-type shelves.

 10. 2) middle shelf: height of 5-15 meters; 3) high-rise shelves: height of 15 meters or more. 1) low shelf: height below 5 meters; 2)

 11. 2) medium-sized shelves: each shelf (or shelf) load 150-500 kg; 3) light shelves: each shelf load (1) heavy-duty shelves: each shelf load of 500 kg or more; 2) At 150 kg

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