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Characteristics of racks

Mar 16, 2017

(1) the unique structure: chrome-plated carbon steel mix mesh and pillars, and its unique style, design and smart, loading and unloading easy, clean and bright, solid steel, chrome plated mesh promotes air circulation, reducing the accumulation of dust, open design, storage is visible at a glance.
(2) flexibility: the pillar every inch a Groove ring, adjustable screen height (incremental reduction per inch). Can be combined freely according to actual needs, and can be left free to reach (same width) or back-and-forth loose connection (same length). With a variety of accessories, products can be combined into a variety of features, such as with v-shaped hook, barrel, and combinable garments coupled with the direction handles, wheels, can be combined into a dining car or cart; add divider, side panels, can be combined into the shelves and so on.
(3) a wide range of uses: product model, the specification is complete, suitable for any space requirement, make up products for different purposes, such as kitchen series, living room, bedroom, study series of the Office, as well as shopping malls, hotels, factory or home series, product display series.