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Column platform / combined shelf platform

Nov 14, 2018

Column platform / combined shelf platform:

1. It is made up of columns, beams, hooks and panels. The complete set does not need to be welded and welded. It is hooked with iron buckles. It is very easy to install and disassemble.

3, a variety of combinations, according to the actual needs of customers and applications, will not waste the actual space at high altitude;

All designs are based on the principle of safety and stability;

4. The venue change can be reused;

5, just add and replace the accessories and then re-install;

6, can be installed in sections, without interrupting customer business or production operations;

7, a variety of colors for customers to choose, with the image of your company;

8. The degree of rust prevention is high, and the surface treatment is not easy to wear;

9, the platform surface layer can choose a variety of materials as a panel.