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Combination of universal angle steel shelves and steel platform loft

Feb 15, 2018

Combination of universal angle steel shelves and steel platform loft

Universal angle steel shelves is a Dongguan shelf light shelves, a high-quality cold-rolled steel, stamping, easy disassembly, easy to adjust, flexible combination, highly modified, customers can place requirements increase or decrease layer Plate to achieve the storage effect. Shelf top and bottom laminates and columns with double-angle code and screw connections, the shelf solid. There are 2 kinds of universal angle steel shelves, one is angle steel and special angle plate using angle sheet and screw combination, the other is angle steel frame, and then use MDF load combination. The omnipotent angle steel shelves are called universal shelves because they are simple materials, the size can be customized at any time, just in a few minutes to complete the shelf material production process. 40X40X1.5 angle steel shelves bearing capacity of about 80kg, angle steel shelves have a drawback, the shelves in each corner of the need for three screws connected to the specifications of its width × width × edge × mm thick mm said. Such as "∠ 30 × 30 × 3", which means that the width of 30 mm, edge thickness of 3 mm equilateral angle steel. Also available models that the model is the width of the centimeter, such as ∠3 #. Universal angle steel shelves can be widely used in the assembly of light shelves, workbench, tool car, workbench suspension system, safety net and support skeleton.

Steel platform loft refers to what, using loft-style building, mainly for storage and use. Arrangement of steel platform structure: 1. To meet the requirements of the process of production and operation, to ensure the passage of clearance and operation. 2. Determine the platform structure of the plane size, elevation, beam grid and column network layout in addition to meet the requirements of the use, the beam, column layout should also consider the platform equipment load and other large concentrated load location and large diameter industry Pipe hanging, etc .; 3 layout of the platform structure, should strive to be economical and reasonable, force directly clear.

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