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Customization plan for footwear shelves

Aug 02, 2017

Clothing, footwear store purchase is mainly into the box into the library, the main library is a small pieces, small quantities, multi-frequency distribution.

Most of the daily trading volume of hundreds of shop are such a model, how to plan a more reasonable warehouse.

Footwear, clothing shop store management skills First of all, the shop encountered the problem is: the storage box in accordance with the type, style placed on the ground, sorting is quick, but the warehouse utilization is not high.

1/3 of the goods is just a container placed; 1/3 is 2-3 boxes stacked; 1/3 is 4,5 tired. If the shelf management.

1.Four-tier shelves, then the shoebox, clothes will be placed in the shelves; basic can be 12 boxes per layer, can be equivalent to four cartons (loaded shoebox) placed.

2.High-level shelves, the basic forklift operation, tray type. Not conducive to frequent sorting.

Solution one: according to the customer partition can be in accordance with the customer as the largest classification of goods. Warehousing is strictly compared to customer classification, if there is a common customer goods can be set up a special area.

Solution two: By product classification Zoning can be classified according to the classification of goods. Such as shoes a region, clothes a region. If the area space allows, you can reduce the use of shelves. You can use the pallet as placed. The weight of the clothing is lighter than the other, and the pressure is very good. So that the stack stack can be properly increased.

Solution three: by type and then divided by the district partition The first division of the warehouse: such as A District shoes, B District glasses C area clothes. And then the product by four seasons: general clothing season is very strong. Seasonal things, less demand. The previous year the corresponding season of the product, can be placed out some. And then all the packaging, but must list the list, according to the order of pendulum.

Solution three: shelf management shelf management, shelves unified height, but the inside of each division, according to each district product packaging size to set. Divided into two kinds of storage: seasonal products shelves, new home placement. The most important thing to do 6S (6S is finishing SEIRI, reorganize SEITON, clean SEISO, clean SEIKETSU, literacy SHITSUKE, self-test SELF-CRITICISM six projects, due to "S" at the beginning, referred to as 6S.), Warehousing to do To the product location, marked clear, clear.

So that the finished product shipping efficiency will increase a lot, the accuracy is better.