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Daily use and maintenance of the logistics trolley

Jun 21, 2017

Daily Usage of logistics trolley

1.Don’t loading over weight;

2.Don’t malicious damage;

3.Don’t  free to place;

4.Shall not be free to beat;

5.Don’t chaos indiscriminate use

maintenance of the steel factory trolley

1.Found the wheel, the shaft has inclusions, the timely cleaning debris;

2.Need to repair, timely reporting maintenance;

3.Clean up before work every day, the body may not have residue;

4.Every day before work fixed concentration placed.

Before using the warehouse trolley, you should make a simple check on the shelves trolley, if damaged in a timely manner.

When transporting can not be overweight, it is easy to damage the trolley. Uphill do not suddenly accelerate to rely on inertia uphill, if it is downhill when not too fast, flat road do not turn quickly. When the downhill, feet do not close to the wheel or body, to avoid injury.

Do not run on a trolley and get hurt. When used to put back to the original location to facilitate the next use.