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Description of cantilever shelves

Jun 14, 2017

Description of the use of cantilever shelves

Cantilever rack specifications and uses rack description: Cantilever Rack According to the carrying capacity can be divided into light weight, medium and heavy -duty storage shelf;

Suitable for long materials, sheet metal, ring materials and irregular cargo storage.

According to the cantilever distribution is divided into single cantilever and double cantilever.

Cantilever racks are generally made of two kinds of materials,

A. square tube production B. using C steel production

Cantilevered shelves characteristics; the use of special profiles column, with high-strength cantilever, suitable for storing a variety of long-shaped materials, ring materials.

Its extended cantilever can be single or double, with a light structure, good load capacity, single arm load up to 500kg. Special reinforced column structure, can withstand 2000 ~ 3000kg pressure.

Design back to increase the overall stability of the shelf, easy installation, complete accessories.

Composite structure, special profile column, designed to increase the stability of the back pull, with high-strength cantilever (arm can be single or double), with a compact structure, good load capacity, space utilization; Suitable for space.

Cantilever shelves by the cantilever installed in the column to form, cantilever can be fixed, it can be moving. Pipe, plate storage use more space.