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Design points of warehouse shelves

Feb 18, 2018

Design points of warehouse shelves


The design of warehouse shelves, from the program, should be started before the construction of the warehouse. The warehouse has always been the design of the shelves and design out of touch, Dongguan Shelf factory has seen many completely inconsistent with the principle of placing the storeroom, which will lead to unreasonable warehouse shelves program, reducing the utilization of the Treasury space. If it is in the warehouse before the building, refer to the warehouse shelves, it can be in the design and construction of the Treasury, give full consideration to the late use of the layout is more suitable for the placement of shelves and cargo access.


Because of the impact of the Treasury on the shelves, more response in Dongguan heavy shelves and forklift access. So, let's focus on the design elements of heavy shelves heavy duty pallet rackings.


First of all, the forklift access, there must be forklift access passage, the passage should be smooth. Therefore, the design of the warehouse pillar is very important, what kind of spacing is reasonable, what size is practical, are our warehouse designers should pay attention to the problem. Second, the height of the storeroom is usually set according to the expected height of storage and the actual situation. This is just a reminder and will not be described in detail. Third, the fire reserve channel. Dongguan shelves in the design, often customers have to compromise the use of space, and reduce the parameters of the fire exit. Of course, this is a dilemma, but if you start designing a warehouse, you can take these factors into full consideration and avoid similar things. After the multi-storey warehouse floor bearing capacity and concrete thickness.

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Because the Dongguan shelf load will be directly transmitted to the floor, so multi-storey warehouse shelves, to consider the carrying capacity of the floor. Heavy shelves require bolts to be fixed on the ground, so consider the thickness of the floor.


The design of warehouse shelves can be greatly enhanced if the warehouse can be considered well before it is built.