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Design shelf life of industrial pallet racks

Apr 12, 2018

Storage shelf reused logistics materials to achieve an immersive pavilion design "shelf life". These elements are very important to us, but they often disappear from our daily lives. Even though most of us are exposed to logistics more or less every day, we rarely encounter logistics space, materials or the environment directly. "Shelf life" hopes to reduce this gap by transforming logistics elements into a lively interactive design. "Shelf life" consists of 140 industrial pallet racks, located in the atrium of MoMA PS1, providing plenty of space for various community activities.


Jesse Lecavalier's "shelf life" redefines logistics materials and realizes an immersive kiosk design

Jesse Lecavalier is a designer and writer from the United States. This design project is composed of three types of redefined elements: shelves, rails and racks. These three elements are very similar and have been reconfigured into a huge array of arrays, creating an atmosphere that is exciting and subverts the impression of these ordinary materials and shows their potential for providing new activities. This immense device is extremely flexible, able to accommodate 5,000 visitors in the MoMA ps1 warm concert series in the summer, while providing a more intimate venue for lectures, performances and daily use in the community.


The project created by jesse lecavalier is composed of three types of redefining different elements.

These shelves form a kind of overlay matrix that crisscrosses. Almost a three-storey shelf is 15 feet high, and only one wall seems to invite people to join it. The racks are removed in certain locations to achieve a different gathering space. Visitors can find and explore the entire project here. Through simple structural inventions and the recycling of existing walls, these reshaped elements can be recombined to provide everyone with a place to socialize on the ground. This design method can keep open while giving people a feeling of huge structure suspended above the head.


These shelves form a covering matrix that criss-cross

The racks can be used in conjunction with shelves as customized furniture, providing a range of places for rest and recreation, from ping pong tables for social events to hammocks and loungers for resting meditation. These furniture elements are integrated with the entire design, providing more possibilities for a more intimate experience, while providing ample open space for larger gatherings.


Stacks can be combined with shelves as customized furniture

After the summer season, all elements of shelf life will be disassembled and returned to their original world logistics. The shelf life space we imagined should be very easy to identify and elusive. The project is a social and experiential structure created from logistics materials. It encourages people to constantly explore, discover and reflect on familiar elements, and let them present new possibilities in new areas in new ways.


After the summer season, all elements of shelf life will be disassembled and returned to the logistics field.

This design method can keep open while giving people a feeling of a huge structure suspended above the head.

The structure of the pavilion.Multiple ways of use

Shelves and tracks

7f98d3cc-b28f-4765-91a2-dfe5f956ff33.jpgbuilding layout

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