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Do you know how to design of mezzanine floor project and the technical of storage warehouse design

Nov 25, 2017

Technical Description for mezzanine floor : I. Overview The main technical principles followed by this shelf system are to make efforts to improve the storage capacity, cargo turnover speed and internal cleanliness of the warehouse under the premise of economy and safety so as to make it more convenient for cargo turnover and management So as to optimize the storage process and improve the efficiency of the warehouse management; at the same time, increase the mechanization and automation participation in the warehouse operation process, reduce the labor intensity of the operator and reduce the storage cost. The program in accordance with national and industry standards under the premise of the tender documents provided by the parameters and requirements, by our engineering and technical personnel summarized as the basis for the design of the program. The shelf system according to your company to provide the parameters and requirements.


Second, the technical standards of mezzanine floor 1, design GB 50009-2012 building structure load specification GB 50017-2003 steel structure design specifications GB 50018-2002 Cold-formed thin-walled steel structure specifications JB / T 9018-2011 automated warehouse design specifications CECS 23: 1990 Steel shelf structure design specifications 2, raw materials GB / T 222-2006 steel chemical composition of the finished product tolerance GB / T 700-2006 Carbon structural steel GB / T 708-2006 cold-rolled steel sheet and strip size, shape, weight and Tolerance GB / T 709-2006 hot-rolled steel sheet and strip size, shape, weight and tolerance GB / T 710-2008 high-quality carbon structural steel hot-rolled sheet and strip GB / T 3522-1983 (2004) Quality carbon structural steel cold-rolled strip YB / T 5059-2005 cold-rolled low-carbon steel strip 3, the manufacture GB / T 985.1-2008 gas welding, manual arc welding and gas shielded welding seam groove basic form and size GB / T 3632-2008 Technical requirements for torsion shear type high strength bolts for steel structure connection GB / T 6725-2008 cold-formed steel

GB / T 6739-2006 Paints and varnishes - Determination of paint film hardness by pencil method GB / T 6807-2001 (2004) Technical conditions for phosphating of steel workpieces before application GB / T 9282.1-2008 Transparent liquids - Assessment of color Part 1: Visual method GB / T 15055-2007 Stamping parts not specified dimensional tolerance GB / T 19804-2005 Welded structure of the general dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerance GJB 481-1988 Welding quality control requirements JB / T 4129- 1999 stamping burr height JB / T 4378.2-1999 metal cold stamping general technical conditions JB / T 4381-2011 stamping shear unnumbered tolerance limit size deviation JB / T 9018-2011 automated warehouse design specifications 4, test GB / T 2828.1-2003 Sampling procedures for inspection - Part 1: Batch acceptance inspection by acceptance quality limit (AQL) Sampling plans GB / T 9286-1998 (2004) Paints and varnishes, lacquering test JB / T 9018-2011 automated three-dimensional library design specifications 5, packaging, transportation Pictorial signs GB / T 191-2008 packaging and storage JB / T 9018-2011 automated three-dimensional library design specifications 6, installation, commissioning, acceptance GB 50205-2001 steel structure Construction quality Receiving specification (with provision in)

 Third, the design principles 1, shelves in compliance with national and industry standards in strict accordance with the requirements of the tender documents designed. 2, the shelf design to consider the uneven distribution of the weight caused by the deformation. 3, consider the impact of the goods stored. 4, consider the impact of the earthquake on the shelves. 5, to meet customer requirements, to ensure the performance of the shelf under the premise of using the best solution. 6, The main raw material of the shelf adopts the Q235 or SS400, SPCC made of domestic large steel mills, and the surface is treated with electrostatic spray (except galvanized components).

7, after the completion of the shelf design drawings should communicate with customers and confirm. 8, in the shelf design selection, the shelf to go through finite element analysis, and strive to material selection, to avoid unnecessary waste. 9, We put the reliability and safety in the first place of program design, taking into account the economy of material selection.

 Fourth, the main technical parameters of shelves, structure, size 1, shelf form: attic shelves. Under normal circumstances attic is divided into shelf parts and attic parts. Shelf parts are generally composed of columns, beams, laminates, etc .; loft parts generally by the floor beams, floors, railings, stairs, slides, lifting platform (optional), wrapping, fasteners and other components. 2, shelf manufacturing precision: parts adopt punching mechanical punching positioning, to ensure its consistency. 3, the shelf structure features: the use of mechanical punching so that the column, beams, to inverted eight-hole structure of the lock, with easy assembly and disassembly, without the use of strong, put pressure on the goods from the tight lock principle. 4, safety performance: column and beam connection, beam column and column to take the plug-in type with the hole at the same time in the columnar pawl into the safety pin, so as to ensure that will not be affected by external collision led to shelf tilt failure. 5, shelf size and bearing requirements: According to your company requirements. Fifth, the use of the main shelf parts materials, specifications and standards: 1, Material: Baosteel Q235 or SS400, SPCC. 2, Column: Under normal circumstances the use of 55 * 47 * 1.5 / 1.8,55 * 47 * 1.5 / 1.8 quality Q235 / SS400 rolled convex cold-formed steel. 3, Laminate: 0.6-0.8mm thickness of high-quality SPCC cold plate, welded by the panel and stiffener. 4, beam: P-type pipe or other profiles. 5, floor beams: Sixth, shelf profiles and laminate strength indicators:

 Shelf profiles, laminates and beams strength index (unit: N / mm2)

Steel Type of steel Tensile, compressive, bending shear End pressure Q235, SS400 cold-formed steel, column, beam 205 120 310.