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Do you know how to measure warehouse

Jul 21, 2017

When we received a customer phone that there is a new warehouse need to do the shelves. This time we need to understand the details of the customer warehouse address, the size of the warehouse area. So that we have a rough understanding of the need for some tools, rulers, tape and many other tools to the customer on-site measurement of the required size for the warehouse.

Go to the warehouse site first to see if there are some obstacles, such as the door opening direction, whether there are pillars, fire hydrants, etc., The general size of the need to mark these special attention. This warehouse‘length, width, height and accurate, this will affect the designer out of the map, a direct impact on the shelf production and installation.

The size of  warehouse we should to match as much as possible twice, so as to ensure that the data is corrected. And then the customer's warehouse is simply expressed in a sketch, as well as the scene to the customer recommended to confirm the required type of shelves, such as shuttle radio racks, beam storage shelf, medium-duty shelves, customer cargo load and so on are shown on the sketch, so that designers can quickly draw the required drawings based on your drawings.

In addition, we should pay attention to the design of the channel between the shelves to be reasonable. Shelf design should also consider the ease of use of the shelf. According to the customer's warehouse design the most convenient customer to use the warehouse.