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Do you know more about the Attic mezzanine shelf

May 12, 2017

Attic shelves suitable for higher warehouse, small goods, labor access, access to the case of large, can take advantage of saving the Treasury area

The Complete Set of Equipment in The Medium Weight A type Mezzanine rackin clude: Frame, Beam, Shelving, Floor panels, Staircases and Frame protector.

Research on FEM model of mezzanine shelving system

Column Platform / Combined Shelf Platform:

1, To column, beam, hook and panel combination, a full set of combinations without welding bonding, are iron buckle hanging, installation.

2, The demolition is very easy;

3, A variety of combinations, according to the actual needs of customers and applications designed, will not waste the actual space at high altitude; All the design are safe and secure for the big principles;

4, Site changes can be reused;

5, Just add and replace parts and then re-install can be;

6, Can be installed in stages, will not interrupt the customer business or production operations;

7, A variety of colors available for customers to choose, with your company's image;

8, The degree of rust is high, the surface treatment is not easy to wear;

9, The platform surface can choose a variety of materials as a panel.