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Do you know of Storage shelves in the pharmaceutical industry

Jan 18, 2018

Although the use of medical shelves is now widespread, what kind of shelves are suitable for medicine?

 Medical Storage shelves in the pharmaceutical industry is more widely used, pharmaceutical companies need to use what shelf to be based on the site status and customer needs to customize, but the basic knowledge of medical shelves are few people understand that a deeper level, the following by the professional Pharmaceutical shelf plant for your details.


Drugs in the inventory are not heavy, but in storage management is quite strict. Must be in accordance with the principles of safety, convenience, conservation and efficiency, the correct choice of positions, rational use of storage capacity, "five" appropriate, stacking code, reasonable. Medical storage is commonly used beam shelf 

Medical beam shelf features:

1, beam shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable, can be adjusted combination, out of the storage of goods from the order of restrictions.

2, beam shelf column by the column, cross struts, diagonal brace bolts connected. Column and C-shaped welding beam inserted into the shelf frame, the use of safety pin fixed, the structure is simple and reliable. Each layer can be freely adjusted up and down 50mm step.

3, beam shelf with the column can be obtained, the size of the beam size requirements determine the layer load, with large moment of inertia, layer load capacity, impact resistance and strong features.

4, beam shelves can effectively improve the warehouse storage height, improve warehouse space utilization. Suitable for all types of goods storage.

5, beam shelf shape safer to prevent forklift collision can also increase the column foot care, bumper.

6, beam rack low cost, installation and operation are very convenient, easy to find the goods for any handling tools, which is the most widely used a shelf.

The above pharmaceutical shelf characteristics are the medical shelf as the basis for selection, is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry shelf type. Here to remind everyone that the provisions of medical shelf storage of drugs must be different types, different formulations and nature of the property, classified storage, batch stacking. According to the requirements of temperature and humidity stored in the appropriate warehouse.

Once again, from the composition of the medical shelf talk, the current medical shelves are generally removable, you can freely mix, these are essential for the formation of medical shelves, some according to the use of medical shelves will be equipped with a hook, Glass laminates and the like.

Finally, Zhongshan Pharmaceutical shelf factory from the medical shelf surface treatment talk about the general medical shelf are made of high quality cold-rolled steel welding grinding, pickling, washing, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and other surface treatment, and finally will Showing a variety of bright white smooth surface of the price we often see.