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Do you know the common sense warehouse shelf usage planning

Jan 18, 2018

The selection of cold food warehouse shelves Speak some skills in order to facilitate the operation of future use, warehouse shelves design should be stored with the variety of goods, specifications, performance, weight and shape of the packaging and other conditions to adapt. Only suitable for their own characteristics of the warehouse shelves can be regarded as your perfect warehouse shelves, warehouse shelves use planning There are four points to note:

Common sense First, the design of warehouse shelves to facilitate the full use of warehouse volume, easy mechanical operation.

 Common sense Second, the warehouse shelves in the warehouse layout direction, we should make full use of natural lighting.

Common sense three, warehouse shelf structure to be strong and durable, stable and simple. Only solid and stable shelves in order to ensure the safety of goods; only a simple shelf, it is conducive to the manufacture, installation and movement.

Common sense four, warehouse shelves specifications should be as uniform as possible, is conducive to the exchange of internal use of the warehouse. The size of the warehouse shelves on the accessibility of goods is closely related to the warehouse shelves too high, the top can not make full use of the warehouse shelves too deep, access to goods are not convenient. Only reasonable specifications to facilitate future operations.