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Do you know variety of stairs

Jun 07, 2017

Do you know variety of stairs

Classification of stairs:

1, Stairs by location they can be divided into: indoor stairs and outdoor stairs.

2, According to the nature of the use is can be divided into: indoor main staircase and auxiliary stairs, outdoor safety stairs and fire stairs.

3, According to the use of materials points,it can be divided into : wooden stairs, reinforced concrete stairs and steel stairs.

Features for activities ladders:

1.Three running stairs: between of two floor panels, by the three ladder and two rest platforms, commonly used in high-rise buildings, the center can be set up elevator shaft.

2.Double point, double divided staircase: double fence is from a wide staircase to the rest platform, and then divided into two narrow ladder to the floor. On the contrary, the first two narrow ladder to the rest platform, and then synthesize a wide ladder to the floor.

3.Single run stairs: when the layer is low, often using a single run stairs, starting from the downstairs in a direction directly upstairs. It has only one staircase, no rest platform in the middle, so steep should not be too much, not suitable for high-rise housing. Double run stairs: is the most widely used form. Between the two floorboards, there are two parallel and opposite steps and an intermediate resting platform. Often two ladder made equal length, saving area.

4.Rotating stairs

Rotary staircase itself is also more space-saving, and the design of strong performance. From the structure, it is stable and firm, but also increase the space changes, especially for the stairs in the main location of the room, it is easy to become the visual focus. At present, the popular single-column rotating staircase, with pillars as the center, with stainless steel and acrylic materials step by step, eliminating the staircase handrails, so that the space is more open.

Although the rotating stairs look very beautiful, but not easy to integrate with the furniture next to. The best way to do this is to use a material or color contrast with the furniture, boldly highlight the image of the stairs, making it a highlight of the design. It is important to note that the rotary staircase in the actual use, may be due to the beauty of sacrifice handrails, so that the security is reduced.

5.Hanging stairs

From the wall to pick out a few pieces of wood pick up the stage, which is also considered a staircase. It has no handrails, remove the extra decoration, modeling simple modern. On the design, it does not take up space, line of sight, full of modernist architecture dexterity. But the shortcomings are quite obvious, no handrails, bearing capacity is limited, greatly reduced security.

So someone took a compromise approach, in the hanging staircase with a poly line, the traditional staircase simplified into geometric lines, to ensure the practicality of the basis of the pursuit of aesthetics. Because of the vertical support, load capacity increased. While the lower part of the stairs can be used as an open storage area. Of course, the construction of such stairs is very demanding, please ask someone to design and construction.

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