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Drill chuck for mezzanine floor and storage shelf

Apr 11, 2018

Drill chuck for mezzanine floor and storage shelf

Drill chuck is the main accessory of electric drill electric tools, accounting for 10%-15% of the cost of electric drill. Common key drill chucks, lightweight, compact drill chuck development and production also achieved remarkable results.

An important indicator of hand-tight, self-tightening drill chucks is that the drill chuck's output torque can be greater than 90% of its input torque.

High-end drill chucks are mainly used in high-demand professional power tools, bench drills and other occasions, and the demand for high-performance self-locking drill chucks and heavy-duty drill chucks is increasing. High-performance self-locking drill chucks are characterized by high precision, high technology content, high added value, and high efficiency. They are mainly matched with professional electric tools with 850W impact drills and 24V DC impact drills.

Due to the improvement of the quality performance of power tools, it is required to perform drilling operations reliably under vibration and impact situations. Therefore, it is required that the matching drill chuck has a locking function to ensure that drill bits and other tools held by the electric drill are not loose during use. Take off. Global self-locking drill chucks are expected to demand about 19 million by 2010.

2. High-end drill chuck features

Hand-tight, self-tightening drill chuck with advanced performance, drill chuck features include:

The collet housing is made of engineering plastics, light weight, and conducive to environmental protection; also has a metal chuck, high strength, good rigidity; high coaxiality of the chuck, to ensure the accuracy of processing; chuck head with hex head, very easy The installation, fastening and disassembly of the collet; the top of the collet with a rotary dust cover, which has the dual function of preventing dust, debris from being inserted into the chuck during operation, and the operator being able to support it to make the drill chuck work more stable; After special hardening, the strength is extremely high. When the drilling force is too large, the drill bit rotates in the clamping jaws, but the clamping jaws are not damaged.

Chuck has clamping force signal function. When clamping the drill bit or working, when the clamping force reaches a certain value, the clip will give a “click” sound, telling the user that the drill bit has been completely clamped, and the tool can be used absolutely safely. As the clamping force increases, the drill bit can emit three “click” sounds, corresponding to three different clamping forces, and the drill can be safely used in any of the three clamping forces.

This clamping force signal allows the drill chuck to work in optimal clamping force and safety, which can greatly extend the life of the chuck. And the clamping force signal can give the user a very good feeling, making it extremely easy to determine whether the chuck has achieved the best clamping force and safe state, thereby avoiding the clamping force is not enough, the drill slipping and the clamping force is too great damage Drill bit accident.

The collet also has a dust-draining hole, which can miss the dust and debris embedded in the collet during the working process, thereby ensuring the operability of the tool and extending the service life of the collet and the drill bit.