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Feature of warehouse iron wire mesh

Jun 19, 2017

The Iron wire mesh fence using the square grid and weave square grid, and square tube welded together.The storage wire mesh use for warehouse.

It is a new isolated wall.In ensuring the strength and protective performance of the same circumstances.

Closer to people's aesthetic experience, smooth and delicate plastic layer.

Bright bright colors, good decoration.

The product has a novel design, beautiful, generous, compact, solid, flexible combination, security

Easy installation and removal, easy to manage and so on. Can be arbitrarily combined with the activities of the metal wall, especially.

Do not fit the steel frame structure plant, standard factory, workshop warehouse inside the space planning and isolation.

The substrate is hot-dip galvanized steel,it play the role of electrochemical protection,from inside to outside to prevent steel substrate rusty.

Surface after pickling, phosphorus, and then electrostatic spray paint.

According to customer requirements can do finishing, providing non-positive and negative steel mesh partition, you can with the workshop without track sliding door, double open sliding door, single sliding door.

Open some of the upper and lower track of the sliding door, to avoid the large equipment,

forklifts and other inconvenient access to the problem.

Good decor to meet your personalization. 

The need for a one-time investment, the use of the process, without maintenance, service life.