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Forklift Precautions For Warehouse

Jun 26, 2017

Forklift precautions

Forklift truck is mainly used for loading and unloading operations, but also in the distance of about 50m for handling operations.

Forklift to pay attention to the forklift to learn to be easy, the key is to be skilled, driving to be careful, the brain should be sober, if there is a company to you to open the forklift.

Then you are about the loading and unloading of the person in charge of the goods, if not skilled enough, the goods fell (some goods can not fall, a drop on a few million or millions of dollars missing), the forklift to the warehouse something damage The forklift of some common small problems you have to know will handle and so on.

1.Only after the system training and holding a forklift driver's license to drive the driver.

2.Check the control and alarm devices before driving, if damaged or defective, should be operated after repair.

3.Smooth start, steering, driving, braking and stopping, in the wet or smooth road, steering to be slowed;

4.Loading the goods should be down the goods, mast backward;

5.The ramp should be careful driving, in more than one-tenth of the ramp is driving, uphill should move forward, downhill should be back, on, down the bogey turn, forklift in the driving, do not Loading and unloading operations;

6.Travel should pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes pavement, and pay attention to the gap above the forklift;

7.Can not allowed to stand on the fork, the car is not allowed to man;

8.Can not allowed to stand under the fork, or in the fork under the walk;

9.Do not operate vehicles and devices from positions outside the driver's seat;

10.Do not carry the goods are not fixed or loose stacking, careful handling of larger size of the goods;

11.Lifting height greater than 3 meters high gantry forklift should pay attention to the top of the goods fall, if necessary, to take protective measures; work should try to make the mast backward, and in the smallest range before and after the tilt;

12.Plus fuel, the driver should not be in the car, and make the engine flame, check the battery or tank level, do not fire;

13.Off the car, the fork fell to the ground, and the stall handle on the neutral position, the engine stalled and disconnect the power,the hand brake pull,in the ramp when parking,wheel.