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Foshan Sanshui Loft Shelf Factory Cold warehouse storage

Dec 27, 2018

Foshan Sanshui Loft Shelf Factory Cold storage compartment construction Tonglang straight into the shelf Foshan Sanshui Loft Factory to build the loft platform design points:

Provide a real picture of the venue, which can roughly determine what kind of shelf format to use. We are talking about the attic platform, so setting up the warehouse means using the attic platform.

Site sizeProduct Name: Attic platform, belonging to a kind of storage shelves, heavy-duty shelf type;

Product material: customized according to customer size and load requirements;

Carrying weight: carrying 200kg-1000kg or more;

Product color: blue, orange, white and other colors can be customized; attic platform features: installed light structure, the column is usually made of square tube or round tube, the main and auxiliary frames are usually made of H-shaped steel, the floor panel is usually selected Patented cold-rolled steel plate, interlocking structure, locked by the special locking mechanism between the floor panel and the main and auxiliary beams. Attic floor, wooden floor, traditional pattern steel floor or steel grating floor, it has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high precision, smooth surface and easy locking; the attic platform spacing is usually Within 4m, about 3m on the first floor and 2.5m on the second floor;

Compared with the reinforced concrete platform, the attic platform has the advantages of quick construction, moderate cost, easy to install and easy to disassemble. The attic platform is a full-scale structure, and the special-shaped steel slab can be flexibly designed into two or more layers, making full use of the space attic platform for storing small batches of multi-variety goods.