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Hardware and tool maintenance

Mar 16, 2017

1,blade of the mold after prolonged use, to grinding, grinding edge surface must be carried out after demagnetization, not magnetic, or prone to blockage.
2,spring in the elastic parts such as Springs most easily damaged, often appear to break and deformation. Approach to be taken is replaced, during the replacement process must be paid attention to in spring, specifications and models, specifications and models of spring colour, diameter and length of the three confirmed, and only in three cases that are the same can replace.
3,die punches during prone to breaking, bending, and the phenomenon of gnawed, red is commonly chewed. Punch and punching damage generally use the same specifications of the parts to be replaced. Main parameters are part of punch size, installation size, length, size, and so on.
4,fastening parts, check for loose fasteners, corruption, the approach taken is to find parts of the same specifications for a replacement.
5,pressing parts such as glue and pressure plate unloading parts such as pneumatic ejection and stripper. Maintenance accessories and check all parts for damage and to repair the damaged parts, pneumatic ejector check for leakage and measures for specific cases. Such as tracheal damage for a replacement.