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Heavy-duty pallet mezzanine combination

May 15, 2017

Heavy-duty pallet mezzanine combination

1, attic-style shelves can enhance the height of the shelves, make full use of storage height, and better use of storage space.

2, attic-style shelves laying shelves dedicated floor, and the pattern steel plate or just grille compared to the ability to build a strong, good overall, evenly loaded, the surface smooth, easy to lock and so on.

3, attic-style shelves to fully consider the human logistics, design aesthetic, generous structure. Installation, easy to disassemble, according to the field of flexible design.

4, attic-style shelves for storing a variety of types of items.

Loft-style shelves of the production and installation is very simple and quick, simple assembly, no screws, specifications can be set for the use of multi-purpose pallet goods, easy to use, is the choice of large and medium enterprises storage shelves preferred.

Loft-style shelves are widely used in the Treasury higher, smaller goods, manual access, storage capacity of the larger circumstances, can make full use of space, saving the Treasury area. According to the actual site and specific requirements, can be designed as single or multi-storey loft, usually 2-3 layers. Particularly applicable to auto parts, electronic devices and other business products to save the classification, carrying ≤ 500kg / layer.