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Heavy-duty shelves pallet racks for Lighting pallet rack storage

May 18, 2017

Heavy-duty shelves pallet racks for Lighting factory

Heavy-duty shelves (beams-type pallet racks) are the most popular and economical form of shelves and are safe and convenient to take advantage of space. The maximum adjustable height of 11 meters.


Heavy duty shelves are designed for a variety of different specifications, weight requirements, suitable for the use of various types of machinery and equipment. We can arrange storage systems for a variety of non-standard trays and tailor a large number of accessories, such as using screens to make storage safe.


Smooth inventory turnover; can provide 100% selection capacity; provide fast delivery rate; provide high-quality product protection; ground use rate of 31%.


Lighting pallet rack storage for led light,led lamp,led night light.We are find dealer around world.Hope we can be your pallet rack supplier in the future.Please feel free to contact us for cataclog or inqiury.Thanks.



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