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Heavy shelves mezzanine combination in hardware industry

Jun 13, 2017

Heavy shelves mezzanine combination hardware industry

Mezzanine platform: by the double column as a support, cross-frame structure, can be multi-layer platform form.

Modular steel platform: from a single style shelf for support, with the channel connection beam, can be multi-layer platform form;

Hybrid platform, can be divided into different styles of shelf support, you can also local platform model, the style of complex and changeable, it can be multi-layer platform.

Platform penal processing:

1. Two layers of wood, the general thick plate at the bottom, two layers with cross-cross laying, gun nails fixed;

2. a layer of wood + layer of flat steel plate: wood board at the bottom, flat steel plate to spot welding connected to the top of the way.

3. Steel buckle board: Our standard board can be divided into specification: 

200 * 27 * 2.0mm, 200 * 27 * 2.5mm,

250 * 27 * 2.0mm, 250 * 27 * 2.5mm. board.

If you need more detail about lhzbrack storage shelf option,please feel free to contact us for update information.Thanks.