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High-end community or apartment type living supermarket shelves

Feb 10, 2018

High-end community or apartment type living supermarket shelves

Set the position in the high-end communities or apartment community life supermarkets, demanding for a shopping environment, which includes the dongguan shelves functionality and aesthetics, choose your shelves, more need to consider is ou shi, flavor.

Operating iron shelf: design modelling is more contemporary style, the structure is firm, the floor space is arbitrary adjustment, the appearance is luxurious, tonal and elegant, with modern store environment is integrated. It is suggested that the combination of iron and wood should be matched in a comfortable tone. Europe type; Flavor. For example, iron pillars, wood floors and backboards for decoration. At the same time, the selected shelf surface treatment requirements have strong anticorrosion, anti-rust effect.

Avoid appearing; Rust; The embarrassment.

Fresh wood shelf: the design modelling is comfortable, the modelling is novel, the product is tie-in appropriate, the shelf style that recommends is wooden shelf is made main frame, exterior and the way that the cane basket is tie-in display. This type of shelf can be designed and produced according to the customer's demand.