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How about the steel pallet tray produced

Feb 27, 2018

How is the steel tray produced? Steel tray technology introduction, lianhe zhongabang design some new style of steel pallets.


Steel tray is welded steel plate and steel legs,


Steel panels are divided into flat corrugated corrugated and rolled in two.


Flat corrugated board with high-quality cold-rolled steel after rolling.


In the rolling tank is the use of high-quality strip by the automatic rolling mill, rolled into C-beam form.


Outriggers generally use 100 × 50 rectangular tube made with two C-type just butt welded and C-shaped steel can be punched.


More convenient forklift four-way fork. You can also use small square tube and short tube bracket instead of legs. After the panel in the back-welding by artificial grinding, the use of pickling phosphating or polishing machine surface treatment. Then spray the surface. Finished plastic package finished. Just tray is widely used in three-dimensional warehouses, warehousing and logistics enterprises.