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How to choose storage shelves for electricity industry

Jul 11, 2017

With the rapid development of the electricity industry, involving the electrical business supporting the plant, warehouse shelf and warehouse management staff demand continues to increase.The front desk of the promotion of electricity, customer service to do no matter how good, back-end warehouse have to keep up with a lot of power Business team focus on front-end, such as operations, customer service art.

Do not know the back-end process is also the focus of the focus. The degree of back-end with a direct determination of the pace of the development of the entire team. Electric warehouse is different from the traditional enterprise warehouse management. To some extent, the management of electricity warehouse is more difficult than the traditional enterprise warehouse management.

Electric warehouse management system and job responsibilities compared to the traditional warehouse, the difference is not big. But one thing to note is that the daily delivery of electricity warehouse, and SKU a lot, the system depends on different industry categories and development. Job duties need to be linked with the contents of daily work, at this point, want to job responsibilities are very thin is a bit difficult. Post duty and system are needed to slowly improve, according to the actual work content. But must develop a relevant process and the post, then be sure to implement. And our management personnel in the supervision of the implementation process, the need for constant thinking, whether the current process and the post is to improve and improve efficiency. The internal friction of the enterprise is terrible, if the process is cumbersome, it will lead to the overall efficiency is low, while the team members will take emotional work.

In the process, system, post is the development of the warehouse needs of the human needs analysis. Electric warehouse general set of warehouse staff, distribution staff, dispensers, the whole staff. For small companies, the dispenser itself is the porter, the whole staff can also be served by the warehouse manager.

From the management point of view, we have no division of labor, these positions need to cooperate with each other, efficiency will improve. Warehouse is responsible for the product out of the library, the porter according to customer orders for picking, the issuer based on customer orders will be equipped with a good product package stickers express delivery single. The full inspection staff based on customer orders for a comprehensive review, review the contents of the order information, product information, packaging specifications and so on.