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How much does it cost to build a cold storage warehouse

Jul 18, 2017

Do want to build a cold storage of vegetables in the end how much money.

Storage of cold storage of vegetables to be classified, the aisle more than the general cold storage, if it is afraid of squeezing also put on the shelves, so the use of cold storage will be reduced, the general utilization rate of 60% -70% has been good.

Suppose you want to build a cold storage of 1,000 tons of vegetables, all the works down, the estimated price of about 150 to 2.5 million or so. Users are advised to consult the professional cold storage service providers in the construction of cold storage, according to the specific situation to rational design, then you can save space and other materials costs, better do all aspects of the budget.

First of all to understand the types of cold storage, usually by temperature classification, cold storage is divided into high temperature cold storage (±5℃), the temperature cold storage (-10℃/ -18℃), low temperature cold storage (-20℃/-23℃) (Frozen) cold storage (-23 ℃below).High temperature cold storage for fruit and vegetable preservation, medium temperature cold storage for frozen food after cold  storage,low temperature cold storage for frozen aquatic products, poultry meat, frozen, frozen cold storage for fresh frozen before freezing treatment.

To build a fruit cold storage, frozen meat,frozen food cold storage,etc.how much money.How much does it cost to build a cold store? These are people who are concerned, because usually people do a cold storage project or would like to know about the cold storage industry information, the general concept of the initial price will be on how much money in thinking is easy to diverge out.

Build a small cold storage, about 20 tons of cold storage how much money? The construction of small cold storage are generally about 20 cubic meters to 100 cubic meters, generally built a 20 cubic meters of cold storage costs in about 20,000, build a 50 cubic meters of cold storage prices in 40,000, 100 cubic meters of cold storage costs in About 80,000. The price of small cold storage construction will be based on some specific changes in the situation has changed, such as the need to install the transformer,the height of the cold storage is how much,the specific choice of materials and so on.