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How to choose auto parts storage shelves

Jun 10, 2017

How to choose auto parts storage shelves

As we know that the mezzanine storage shelves are widely used in auto parts warehouses.

The storage mezzanine shelves can take advantage of the simple shelves of the upper floors of the warehouse to build an intermediate attic on existing shelves or workplaces to increase the storage area.

The space can into 2 layer,the use of space due to automotive product specifications, shelf specifications according to product storage characteristics can be divided into large, medium and small pieces of rack, door frame shelf, windshield, tire frame shelf, widely used in auto parts warehouse.

Professional auto parts shelves - medium shelf for storage warehouse

Medium shelf is a combination of small storage its storage shelves, including pendant rack, shock frame, silencer frame shelf, oil rack, bumper racks and other professional auto parts shelves, each unit load bearing 200-400kg , Beautiful appearance, according to the requirements of the car CI logo, the shelf surface can be configured with different colors.

What’s more,the medium storage shelf also can apply into auto warehouse.This shelf can take full advantage of the auto parts warehouse, can be used to store heavier items. With the tray, storage cage, or the use of the storage box, then these weight-type cargo layer placed in a layer higher, make full use of warehouse high, forklift to access the goods greatly improve the efficiency.