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How to Choose Shelves For 200 Square Warehouse

Jun 28, 2017

There is a Myanmar customer told us that there is a 200 square warehouse need to do the shelves, then how do we recommend the shelves to the customer program.

We need to know some of the following information,

1.The size of the customer warehouse, long, wide, high.It is best to allow customers to provide detailed warehouse drawings, or take pictures to us to see a detailed situation.

2.Need to know the approximate weight of the customer's goods, load-bearing, so that we know what kind of shelves we can draw for clients.

3.Need to understand the customer's budget, the customer about how much budget, such as medium-duty shelves are relatively cheap shelf type, it can bearing about 200kg. If it is heavy-duty shelves, then load-bearing needs to go to 1000kg. As well as the height of the customer's warehouse to recommend whether you need to do mezzanine or shelves. These need to be taken into account, so we can provide the best solution to the customer.

4.If the customer does not have any of these concepts, then we need to help the customer to make a decision. We have to consider giving customers a 1-2 program to the customer choice, a design drawings with the offer to the customer to confirm.

Customers are generally not professional, we have to consider the best customer to the program to help customers solve the problem. If you need shelves, welcome to consult the Union and the public shelves.