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How to choose Steel Pallet

Oct 30, 2017

How to choose Steel Pallet

First, the structure of the warehouse

Design storage shelves to consider the effective height of the warehouse, the location of the beam, the ground tolerance and so on. The height of the warehouse determines the height of the storage shelves, beam and column position will affect the shelf configuration, ground bearing capacity and flatness is also related to the design and installation of the shelves. In addition, it is necessary to consider the installation location of fire protection facilities and lighting facilities, because the structure of the plant is a direct impact on the installation and use of storage shelves.


Second, the size of the goods

Storage of goods shape and size, a direct impact on the shelf specifications selected, the weight of the goods stored directly affect the choice of which strength of the pallet rack . When doing storage shelves, not only to consider the company's current storage capacity, but also take into account the company's growth needs in the next two years. This information can be obtained through the storage system analysis, can also require the shelf factory in the design before giving some professional advice.


Third, the storage rate

Different storage shelves, its storage rate is not the same. There are many factors that determine the storage rate of storage rack, the specifications of the goods, the way of storage, the weight of the goods, the height of the warehouse, and so on. If the height of the warehouse is greater than or equal to 4 meters, then you can choose to use the warehouse loft shelves, warehouses loft is the storage shelves in the highest storage rate, the most widely used storage shelves; if it is used to put steel, you can choose storage gravity Type shelves or cantilevered shelves; if it is used to store the fabric, you can choose to use heavy storage shelves.


Fourth, the storage method

In the design of warehouse rack, but also consider the issue of access to goods. Now there are only two types of access to goods, one is manual access, one is with the machinery to storage (such as forklifts, lifts, etc.). If you are using a forklift to access, but also consider the size of the channel, because the general use of forklifts to access the goods, then the higher the forklift, it will turn the radius of the greater.


Fifth, into the library volume

The amount of goods into the library, in the design of the warehouse when the goods out of the order, the frequency of access and the number of goods is a must consider the factors of this.