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How to choose suitable Attic shelf system mezzanine floor manufacture

Jan 16, 2018

Attic shelf system mezzanine floor manufacture, usually using medium shelf shelves or heavy shelf shelves as the main support plus the floor panels (according to the total load weight of the shelves unit to decide what kind of shelves), the floor panels are usually made of cold-rolled steel floor, Or steel grating floor. 

In recent years, more use of cold-rolled steel floor, it has a strong carrying capacity, good overall, carrying uniformity, high precision, surface roughness, easy to lock and other advantages. There are many types of options and easy to match the lighting system, Take, management are more convenient. Unit shelf load per floor is usually less than 500kg, floor spacing is usually 2.2m ~ 2.7m, top shelf height is generally about 2m, give full consideration to the convenience of staff operations.

The floor design is tailored to the various installation conditions and can be easily assembled on the site without the need for welding. Attic shelf system in the field of auto parts, automotive 4S shop, light industry, electronics and other industries have more applications.