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How to choose the forklift to matach the storage racks

Oct 19, 2017

How to choose the forklift to matach the storage racks

Operating environmen

This is the first consideration for the purchase of forklift factors, outdoor or indoor operation. If the forklift is used in warehouses, choose a gas, liquid oil or diesel-powered internal combustion engine forklift; if the forklift is mainly working in a cold outdoor environment, then the gasoline-powered forklift is the most reasonable choice. It is worth noting that diesel forklifts should always be kept in use, the engine can not always turn off; if the user starts a fork in a few minutes, it will damage the forklift; another proposal, diesel forklift to regularly replace the oil.

Another type of forklift is designed primarily for outdoor operation, which is also known as LP-driven, and gasoline-fueled forklift for the market. LP forklift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, because its tail gas is less toxic than gasoline. LP forklift and diesel forklift fuel costs are almost the same, but the diesel forklift maintenance costs less. In cold conditions, the user sometimes assembles the protective cover or heater for the LP forklift; if this does not guarantee the normal operation of the truck, it is also easy to convert the LP forklift into a gasoline forklift.

The outdoor environment not only determines the choice of internal combustion engine, but also requires the type of tire used. Inflatable tires are suitable for rugged terrain; inflatable tires are suitable for outdoor flat and hard ground and most indoor occasions.

2. Indoor storage forklift

For indoor handling, such as in the warehouse, electric forklift more advantages. Compared with the internal combustion forklift, its main advantage is the noise is small, no pollution. Although the price of electric forklift than the internal combustion forklift, but the lower operating costs. Electric forklift to save money is mainly due to no fuel, no need to replace the oil and parts such as plugs and sockets. Electric forklift maintenance costs for the normal life cycle, only 2 yuan per hour to 6 yuan (a forklift every day a run, about 1700h per year). The use of electric forklift must always pay attention to the battery situation, check the water level and avoid the battery to kill.


3. Choose the forklift model

 The most important factor in selecting a forklift is to consider the actual situation of the application and the warehouse. If the forklift is used to load and unload the trailer, the front wheel drive and the ride-in balance forklift are suitable. If the forklift is used to shuttle cargo to the trailer, a factor to consider is the "free rise" problem, that is, in the mast without raising the premise, the fork can be increased. The width of the warehouse roadway is another question to consider when choosing a forklift. The three-wheeled forklift requires a 10 ft (1 ft = 0.304? 8 m) wide roadway, and the four-wheeler requires more space for 12 to 13 ft wide Roadway. In narrower lanes, the user prefers the forward forklift, which is equipped with a retractable bracket for retracting the tray and can be operated in approximately 8 ft wide roadway.

4. Capacity

Factors that must be taken into account when purchasing forklifts. It is recommended to purchase a forklift larger than usual. If the forklift to carry the tray load is 900KG, then the choice of 1300KG capacity forklift more appropriate. When purchasing a forklift for handling flammable or dangerous goods, the user must check the safety level. If the forklift is marked with an E mark, a fire may occur; if the truck is marked with an EE logo, the safety device is equipped with more safety; the safest level is EX, indicating that the forklift does not trigger a metal part of the ignition. In short, the diesel forklift is more secure than the EX level forklift, designed for safety and design of diesel forklift marked DX logo.

5.Price PK efficiency

The price is only a factor, and the ability of spare parts and maintenance services is as important as the price of the vehicle itself. It is recommended that the user consider the full cost of the "life" of the forklift, not just the purchase price.

Most experts are opposed to the purchase of second-hand forklift, unless it is used to do the work of spare parts. If the user only needs a forklift, you can buy second hand forklift, but be sure to confirm the quality of qualified,

 Therefore, the user should consider the efficiency of the forklift, the support of the manufacturers and the future need for the number of various forklifts. For smart users, both long and short term interests should be taken into account.