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how to ensure the quality of the shelf manufacturing

Feb 27, 2018

Professional storage warehouse shelves manufacturers, what kind of qualifications and conditions needed to produce the release of the rest assured and excellent quality of the shelves product it, Shun to share:


1. Shelf floor and shelf companies must pass ISO9000 certification, there is a strict comprehensive, full, the entire process of quality management procedures, quality awareness of education should always be relentless.


2. Shelf plant and mezzanine floor companies to undertake the project, the first will be carried out feasibility analysis. Design drawings must be approved by the school, the trial signature. The production department must prepare the construction process card, draw the necessary work, clamps, mold drawings, drawings must be approved by the school, signed and archived for future reference.


3. Pallet Shelf and warheouse design of shelf companies on the beam, the length of the column size tolerances and degrees of bending, welded structural parts of the weld, surface coating before, after treatment and coating thickness, should have strict requirements. The supply department must purchase the materials according to the drawings and provide the material quality certificate in accordance with the purchase date for inspection by the users.


4. Storage Shelf and shelf company quality inspection departments must conduct the first piece of the key processes critical dimensions and finished products for rigorous inspection and measurement, providing the first piece of the test report, after checking the first piece qualified before allowing the production. Mass production, the quality inspection departments should check the key processes, key dimensions, provide spot checks. In the processing of plastic spray before and before packaging, semi-finished and finished products should be conducted twice a comprehensive spot checks, and record the case, the final issue of product certification. The production department should pay attention to the rigidity of the packing chassis and packing stability to ensure that the products during long distance transportation do not damage the ring. In addition, we must implement a quality one-vote veto system.