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How to ensure the safe use of steel platform factory

Jan 26, 2018

Steel mezzanine platform according to the actual site and the specific requirements, can be designed as a single or multi-storey, multi-storey is generally 2-3 layers, and other types of storage shelves is different, the steel platform will be someone or the car's move, Storage as a shelf manufacturer, will also pay more attention to shelf safety.

1, the steel platform should be set limit plate, especially with hydraulic lifting platform steel platform, but also need to mark the limit in a prominent position;

2, the steel platform of the laying point and the upper pull node must be located in the building, and shall not be set on the scaffolding and other construction facilities, the support system shall not be connected with the scaffolding.

3, the steel platform should be buried concrete slab laying point, and the platform bolts.

4, the horizontal angle between the rope and the platform should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

5, the steel platform at the upper node of the beam should check the tensile strength, in order to ensure the safety of buildings and platforms.

6, steel platform should be used snap ring, the hook can not be directly linked to the platform rings.

7, the steel platform installation, the wire rope should be linked with a dedicated prison, take other ways not less than 3 buckle, building acute angle around the wire rope should be lined with cushions, steel platform should be slightly higher outside the mouth On the inside.

8, the steel platform needs to be installed around the fence, and when necessary, also need to install the fence to prevent people or goods fall;

The above points, as a shelf company, to customers when planning will take into account these issues, and customers on the use of steel platform on the safety of other issues, the need to plan before the shelf manufacturers put forward their own requirements, which can be combined with the shelf company The experience and technology to ensure the feasibility of the program.