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How to identify all kinds of shelves

Oct 30, 2017

How to identify all kinds of shelves

1, pallet rack storage and modular tunnel stacker and other transport machinery operations. Only free combination, easy to disassemble and move, according to items, push the bar to encode the height, and adjust the position can be called adjustable pallet rack.

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2, mobile shelves wide mobile shelves drive, running on the shelf floor, a simple shelf, easy to operate. This shelves are locked with the safety on-line, and the barrier stops immediately before the entire shelf.

3, closed mobile shelves closed mobile shelves, do not need to access the shelves, each action together, close, all the locks. A rubber seal on a shelf, also known as a closed shelf.

4, mobile box shelf mobile box shelf is in the shelf of the flow channel is equipped with multi-row plastic roller, the flow channel has about 5 ° tilt angle for the storage of goods, the container under the action of gravity will automatically Front slip. General high-end for the incoming side, low-end for the shipping side.

5, the flow of shelf-type box on the shelf with multi-gate rack, plastic exhaust fan about 5 °, for the storage of container containers, the role of gravity will be on the slide. For high and low shipping. Due to gravity of the goods by the roller down.

6, cantilever shelves, cantilever rack shape of the branch, called the branch. Fractal images in the cantilever cantilever, the installation cantilever can be fixed, it can be moved.

7, the attic loft on the shelves of the workplace has been established an intermediate storage area or an increase of the attic. Lofts generally use light truck or pallet tractor operation. This shelf can reduce load-bearing beams, reduce construction costs, and improve warehouse space utilization. The attic can generally be used to inflate the light plate and small pieces of goods or goods, available for storage long forklifts, conveyor belts, hoists, electric hoists or lifts to promote the goods.

8, shelf-shelf Each case is the slump of a stock of goods. The weight of the cargo unit under the load of the crane can be automatically fed from the feed to the end of the movement, the movement of the goods to the slide or to meet the existing unit to stop. The first slide is located in the goods after the delivery of goods, the unit of various cargo units on the crane behind the gravity shelf to move a delivery. In order to reduce the friction, the container on the shelf or the sliding roll list.

9, rotating the shelves with the electric drive on the shelves of the wheel by two rounds along the shelves and two curved sections, by the switch or using a small electronic computer, access control, the number of cases in which the goods are delivered in the control panel Key input, the goods are automatically rotated at the nearest distance to stop to pick up the point.

10, through the shelf through the shelves to cancel the road between the rows of shelves, the shelves will be combined together, so that the same layer, the same column of goods through each other. The advantage of a through-type shelf is that it is almost double the storage capacity in the same space than the usual pallet rack.

11, mobile shelves Each row of shelves by the motor drive, and the wheels on the shelf along the track laying on the ground to move. Its advantage is to improve the space utilization, mobile shelves easy to control, safe and reliable. A group of shelves is just a channel.

12, mobile shelf Rack is the fixed shelf itself, but on the shelves of the unit can flow or mobile shelves.

13, three-dimensional shelves, three-dimensional warehouse shelves the shape of the storage shelves. Warehouse storage approach Since the plane storage to the development of high-level three-dimensional storage, the main body is a three-dimensional warehouse.