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How to install the mezzanine floor

May 19, 2017

How to install the mezzanine floor

It is well known that the mezzanine floor is not the same as the other shelves. Most of the other warehousing supermarket shelves are designed to be installed independently, but the attic mezzanine shelves must be installed by professional person and need to be designed according to the situation and specifications of the site carry out.

The attic shelf installation method and steps are as follows:

1.The first installer will erect the main column, the balance of the distance from the drawing, according to the length of the beam shall prevail, the second installer to take the first beam can be installed at the bottom, the beam at both ends of the card at the bottom of the column Card slot.

2. Forced the beam down to shoot until all the two beams into the right place, and then installed 2.3.4 layer, according to their use to install the level.

3.Each layer to be installed with two beams, when the first number of holes can be installed to location, left and right should be balance at a height.

4.After well installed the beams, then we can put the board to match floor well.

5.Well checked the floor mezzanine,if no problem,then it can be for usage.

Attic shelves for all industries, the Treasury higher, smaller goods, manual access, storage capacity of the situation.

The process of installing a mezzanine floor doesn’t need to be lengthy and by choosing a company with in-house experts a business can have a speedy transition from quote to installation with a minimum of fuss.

During the first stages, site surveys and inspections are conducted and qualified-surveyors will look over the potential site to understand its requirements. Once all schedules, quotes and design plans are agreed upon the installation team who will install the mezzanine flooring will then be booked.

After clearance is given in relation to building regulations, manufacturing will commence. Once the parts are ordered and produced they are delivered to the site in time for the installation teams to erect the full structure. Final ‘snagging’ concludes the installation with any necessary tweaks and changes before customer satisfaction forms are signed and the site is left clean and tidy ready for work to recommence.