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How To Maintenance Storage Shelves

Jun 06, 2017

How To Maintenance Storage Shelves

Why do we buy the shelves did not take long, there may be happened some problems, such as rust, scratches, deformation and so on. These are in the use of storage shelves in the process of no maintenance is good, especially in peace time.There is no maintenance of storage shelves precautions. What can we do to maintenance of it. The following inventory to maintain storage shelves and measures:

1.Protect-it Pallet Racking Protection products deliver a wide range of Pallet Rack Protectors, Pallet Racking Column Guards, Pallet Racking protectors, Column Protectors, Column Guards, Pallet Rack Guards and Pallet Racking Column Guards, designed to prevent costly pallet rack damage and improve Warehouse Safety.

2.Over the years we'd experienced high levels of racking upright damage and were incurring rectification costs of $40,000 plus per year.

The installation of the Protect-it guards has reduced the damage by over 50% and also provided great awareness for our reach truck operators.

It has been a great safety and cost initiative.

3.Collision protection.

The most vulnerable parts of the shelves are the channels and the columns at the corner, usually due to forklift collision lead to deformation.The shelves are provided with matching anti-collision posts according to different shelves, channel width and delivery tools.In the channel position should be installed crash barrier. The installation of the anti-collision column plays a very important role in protecting the shelf stand.

4.Anti-stress for storage racks.

Different specifications of the shelves are design based on load-bearing.So the weight of the goods placed on the shelves must be within the weight of the shelf.

Warehouse keeper is best on the shelf to do a load-bearing mark.

To follow the principle of light on the bottom of the shelf, that is, the bottom of the storage pallet loading heavy objects, high-level light objects.

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