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How to manage the goods on the storage shelves

Jul 14, 2017

For consumers, good shelf management can help them compare and help them quickly find the desired goals; and also because of good shelves can help the product build brand image.

In the product shelves display, we should pay attention to different types of products focused on as far as possible to do different categories. If the product is placed in a horizontal manner, then the same brand, different specifications of the product should be placed on both sides; if it is placed vertically, then the same brand, different specifications of the product should be placed up and down. The purpose of this display is to build a solid brand cover, strengthen the brand's visual impact.

When the product is displayed on a biochemical display, the salesperson should always pay attention to the fact that the competitive brand must have its corresponding display position on the shelf. The correct choice is that there is no need to remove the competitive brand from the shelf, but rather to win more than the competitive brand.Have the advantage of the location, display area at least with the product market share is equal Successful shelf management should meet the following criteria:

(1) distribute the target product to the target retail store.

(2) distribution of new products to target retail stores.

(3) store product display often can be effectively improved.

(4) the product must be kept clean and neatly placed.

(5) the product on the rotating shelves, the old products placed in front of the shelves, new products placed in the shelves (first in first out).

 (6) the product should be placed forward.

(7) to increase the reasonable display surface and use the promotional items.

(8) to prevent counterfeit, imitation products placed next to.

(9) retail price management in place.

(10) the implementation of gold display standards.