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How to manager your warehouse

Aug 22, 2018

The characteristics and disadvantages of electrical flat warehouses are that the space utilization rate is not high, which will increase the storage cost; the advantage of the relative three-dimensional warehouse is probably that the efficiency of accessing goods is higher, and the cost of related auxiliary equipment is lower; in modern storage enterprises, the flat warehouse The proportion is decreasing year by year.

If there are not many types of goods in the warehouse, the warehouse area is large, but it is not suitable for the operation of the shelves, and there is no auxiliary storage tool. In this case, the flat warehouse is selected to store the goods.

According to the actual situation of the warehouse, if you want to improve the utilization of the flat warehouse, you can solve it from the perspective of on-site management.

First of all, the stacking of goods should be based on the packaging, shape, nature, characteristics, weight and quantity of the goods, and the weather conditions, as well as the length of storage, the goods are coded into various shapes according to certain rules.

At the same time, in order to greatly improve the utilization rate of warehouses, scientific and reasonable position planning is indispensable and an important means to maximize the use of space. The planning of the position mainly includes the planning of the area layout, the location setting and the stacking method.