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How to placed mold shelves

Jul 20, 2017

In order to unify the positioning of mold racks positioning, you can facilitate the timely look for mold. Generally we have suitable for the placement of mold shelves placed in principle.

Scope: Applicable to all the staff of the company, the production department of the technical staff.

Mold placement requirements:

1.Mold shelves must be based on the mold frame corresponding to the card logo, placed in the corresponding area. Location is unique and can not be replaced manually.

2.Mold on the mold racks when the positioning of the direction of uniform orientation of the staff face, placed neatly.It can not be tilted, inverted, the location of random placement.

3.Mold racks on the identification card must be placed in the mold in the direction of the front, placed when the logo card stickers on the mold. When the mold moves, the corresponding identification card should be placed in the mold placed on the bottom of the mold rack, the logo can not be taken with the mold or free to place.

4.Die storage racks with conveyor rollers in the repair, production, or outgoing, the mobile mold staff will move the mold, the timely update of the corresponding logo state, can not exist after the mold moves, the state no update.

5. Each mold frame of the chain hoist up and down the mold is completed, the hand chain hoist to the mold frame at both ends of the neat mold placed before the zebra can not place any objects within the mold to ensure that the mold frame up and down mold position.

Mold Storage shelf.jpg