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How to use Pallet Rack Warehouse ensure longest life

Mar 11, 2019

To ensure the longest life of heavy-duty shelves, the following points should be followed during use:

1. Heavy-duty shelves should be protected from top-heavy:

The principle of putting light goods on the top and placing heavy goods on the bottom should be achieved.

2. To prevent overloading:

The stacking weight per floor shall not exceed the maximum load capacity of the shelf.

3. Anti-collision:

During the operation of the forklift, it should be handled as lightly as possible to prevent the impact on the shelf.

4. Anti-accident

When there is cargo above the shelf, the operator should not directly enter the bottom of the shelf.

Finally, it is necessary to prevent the use of non-standard floor boards (cards), trays, etc. on the shelves, and the bottom of the river is the most suitable. When the height of the shelf exceeds eight meters, the corresponding loading and unloading machinery is required. Therefore, the total amount of channel area required is large, and the storage density is smaller than that of other systems.