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Installation ProcessFor Auto Shelf System

Jul 13, 2017

For the Auto system installation is very complicated,before installation we need to prepare many works.

The installer should check the base situation and the Embedded parts after the installers go into the site. If the base situation and Embedded parts is qualified, the workers start to install. If not, installer should send the the date to company. After company offer some solution, then worker can install racking.

Shelf installation before responding to each member to carry out strict inspection, such as deformation before installation to be corrected.

In wooden assembling bench assembly column, in order to prevent the spray layer scratch; according to the scene with cranes, winches or methods ( such as hoisting winch or human when fixed pulley, a fixed pulley is fixed point principle than the shelf plate the highest point of high 3~5m ), article a lift to the around second pieces of tension, erected after the upper beam, and then third vertical slice and hanging beams, according to the design requirements of installation back pull and horizontal tie, and mounting rail crane beam, column, beam adjusting verticality levelness, meet the requirements after the fixed foot, fastening parts between the connecting bolt; then then vertical column, hanging beam, column encountered second back tension group stops when the vertical column, installation of back pull and horizontal tie, broadly tuned to this region, levelness verticality; after adjustment continue moving forward vertical column, hanging beam, and so on, until the lifting to stacking machine manufacturers requirements location, installation the remaining rail crane beam (the between each part connecting bolts do not tighten ). The shelf body ( except for days, rail ) after installation, the levelness, perpendicularity and channel direction, the vertical channel direction of straightness straightness adjusting, meet the design requirements after the shelf plate column and the connecting bolt. After installation of days, the track, before installation to the shelf body painting days, the track correction, to ensure that the correct only after install, each section of track after adjusting the butt. Stacker crane into the shelf after the press before the installation sequence the remaining shelf. Shelves after installation, a comprehensive review of all the connecting bolts fastening, which are in the fastened state.