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Do you know The Classification Of Shelves

Jun 12, 2017

Do you know the shelf of classification.There are a variety of shelves, you know how to classify it? We told you how to know this kind of style.

According to the shelf development points, the style rack can be divided into traditional shelves, including layer shelf, layer format shelves.Drawer-style shelves, cabinet-type shelves, U-shaped shelves, cantilever rack, grid frame, steam tank bar frame, tire dedicated rack and so on.

The new shelves include,rotary shelves, mobile shelves, transfer racks, adjustable shelves, pallet racks, into the car shelves, high-level shelves, attic-style shelves, gravity shelves

According to the applicability of the shelf general shelves and special shelves.

In accordance with the shelf manufacturing materials can be divided into steel shelves, reinforced concrete shelves, steel and reinforced concrete mixed shelves, wooden shelves, steel and wood frame.

According to the degree of closure of the shelf points: it can be divided into semi-enclosed shelves, closed shelves.

In accordance with the movement of the shelf points,it can be divided as mobile shelves, rotary shelves, combined shelves, adjustable shelves, mobile storage shelves and storage racks.

According to the structure the shelf divide into the overall structure shelf directly support the warehouse roof and fence.Split structure: shelves and buildings are divided into two separate systems.

According to the structure of the shelf - it divided into a combination of removable shelves, fixed shelves.

According to the shelf height of the low shelf the height below 5m, the middle shelf: height of 5-15m, high shelf: height of 15m or more.

According to the weight of the shelf: heavy-duty shelves, medium-duty sized shelves, light shelves.

According to the structural characteristics of points: shelf, layer grid frame, shelf, drawer frame, cantilever, tripod shelf.