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Large home furniture appliances small appliances attic shelf

Jan 26, 2018

Large home furniture appliances small appliances attic shelf customization (Foshan electrical shelf factory) professional home appliance shelves manufacturers, the United and Zhongbang shelf company to provide you with customized home appliances shelf program, Wechat:13640468492 to provide you with quality service, high quality and high quality , Let you experience high cost performance.

1. All-assembled structure, arbitrary combination, installation, disassembly convenient and flexible.

2, Column, girder, vice beam cross-section optimization, bearing capacity.

3, The surface electrostatic duster, beautiful appearance.

4, According to the actual site needs, flexible design into two or more floors. For storing more variety, less bulk goods, make full use of space.

5, The lower is the shelf form, the upper can be a platform can also be a shelf structure. The bottom shelf can store both material and floor support, with great flexibility.

The floor design is tailored to the various installation conditions and can be easily assembled on the site without the need for welding. Attic shelf system in the field of auto parts, automotive 4S shop, light industry, electronics and other industries have more applications.