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Loading and unloading tools for storage mold

May 10, 2017

Loading and unloading tools:

Storage Wall has installed more than 2,600 adjustable shelves around the world, different projects using different types of material handling equipment:

• Balance heavy forklift

• Front forklift

• Gantry stacker

• Narrow roadway stacker

• Manual forklift with shelf mounting

Matching tray:

Multi-functional tray variety, with different sizes, different load-bearing capacity, different functions of the tray and a series of accessories and ancillary products for customers to choose to meet different needs.


Light pallet - the position of the tray in the shelf can be manually adjusted, is the ideal choice for small object storage pallet racks  and 'take the edge take' type of operation. Complete specifications, load-bearing capacity of 225kg

• Plate Tray - This tray is large and flat, easy to carry irregular cargo, and easy to use with a variety of supporting accessories

• Grid Tray - This tray design means that the fire extinguisher's water can be sprayed into any area of the shelf, minimizing fire hazards, and the unique design of the surface is to provide a guarantee for fixing any bulky cargo

Tray characteristics

• Safety - All trays are available with optional locking to prevent the tray from moving or tilting

• Perfect - a variety of accessories to choose from, making small objects, bulk cargo, heavy goods and large cargo access more efficient, more secure, more solid

• Efficient - Stackable tray design means that the tray can be densely stacked when idle and its own transportation costs are low

• Design Science - Locate the opening to position the tray on the shelf hook to avoid hooks

• Easy handling - The optional pallet casters help to manually handle trays and goods on the ground